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Jan. 27th, 2016

collab chocolate


rs_collab sign ups open!

With rs_small_gifts over for this season, and all the holiday food digested, it's time for a new fest, right? We've been sitting on this one for a while, guys, so we'd be excited to have you join us!

art credit: epithalamium
Sign ups are OPEN!
Join us as we re-explore old tropes and implement new ones! Come friends, come all, join us in this feast of collaborative effort and puppylove!
Sign ups are open Jan. 27th - Feb. 2nd.
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Jan. 11th, 2016

small gifts exchange


Happy 2016! And wrapping up 2015...

A very happy 2016 to everyone! rs_small_gifts is now officially ten years old and still going strong. We had 37 gifts of fic and art from 30 participants, including 9 first-time Small Gifters and at least two of us who've participated ten years in a row. (Who all's been here since the beginning?) We've knitted with Remus and Sirius, made jewelry, solved mysteries, started a radio station, sat by the fire, stolen some sparkling ham, drunk Veritaserum, tracked down gorgeous strangers, studied cryptozoology, baby-sat Harry, baby-sat Teddy and James and Albus Severus and Lily, built blanketforts, reported the news, watched the stars, and, of course, fallen in love, over and over. We've left 650 comments for each other since we first started our discussions in late November.

It's been a blast.

Special thanks go out to everyone who commented on our gifts, keeping fandom interactive and conversational and warm and fun. Thanks also go out to our pinch-hit team of brighty18, llaeyro, and mustntgetmy, who all rose to the occasion brilliantly. And finally, no one manages a fest more effectively than mindabbles and sambethe without whose help Small Gifts wouldn't be possible. (magnetic_pole can't say thanks often enough.)

Enjoy the new year, everyone! May 2016 be filled with fannish fun and friendship.

Min/mindabbles, Maggie/magnetic_pole, and Sam/sambethe

Our Master List for 2015-2016 is below. (Just drop us a note if you notice any oversights or coding errors.)

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Jan. 8th, 2016

rosie the riveter


Bonus art: Tracking Sirius

Title: Tracking Sirius
Author/Artist: magnetic_pole
Recipient: llaeyro
Rating: PG
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *I am new to technology, and this may be a disaster. I hope not.*
Summary: The Maurauders weren't the only ones with a map. Years ago, Regulus had a map of Grimmauld Place charmed to show him Sirius' whereabouts. It still lies under the bed in his bedroom, and it still tells stories about his big brother. Set at the holidays during OotP.
Notes: llaeyro, thanks for your enthusiasm and your pinch-hit! This gift was inspired by your requests for holiday scenes at Number Twelve as well as your comment that you enjoyed the way the house reflected Sirius. Thanks so much for joining us at Small Gifts this year!

Tracking SiriusCollapse )

Jan. 7th, 2016

small gifts collar


Fic: A Gift From Another Life for mustntgetmy

Title: A Gift from Another Life

Author/Artist: mindabbles

Recipient: mustntgetmy

Rating: NC-17

Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *flangst and a teeny bit of smut*

Word count: 2100

Summary: It's been a long time since Sirius had a Christmas worth remembering.It's been a long time since he was home.

Notes: Mustntgetmy, thank you a thousand times for doing a pinch hit, and so enthusiastically. I took some liberties and combined requests from two of your previous sign ups. I also noticed that you like angst, fluff, and smut, in combination. Here's a bit of all three as a thank you.

Every JourneyCollapse )
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Jan. 6th, 2016

rosie the riveter


Bonus art: Harry Christmas! Greetings from Number Twelve

Title: Harry Christmas! (Greetings from Number Twelve)
Author/Artist: magnetic_pole
Recipient: brighty18
Rating: G
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *None*
Summary: AU art in which everyone lives happily ever after and Remus and Sirius decorate Number Twelve for Christmas. (Oh! And Lily has the last word as Remus and Sirius put the finishing touches on.)
Notes: Brighty, we can't thank you enough for your pinch hit and your boundless enthusiasm for Remus, Sirius, and Small Gifts! The holidays wouldn't be the same without you.

Harry Christmas! Greeting from Number TwelveCollapse )

Jan. 3rd, 2016



Bonus Round: ART: "By The Fire" for the community.

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Jan. 2nd, 2016



Fic: Questions in the Dark (Bonus Round)

Title: Questions in the Dark
Author: luminousgloom
Recipient: anyone really!
Prompt by:grandilloquism
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1135
Summary: James worries about Sirius, and Remus answers him truthfully.
Notes: Decided to finish something I had lying around, seeing as it seemed to fit grandilloquism's prompt "Late night walks in the cold, sharing secrets in the dark"

Questions in the DarkCollapse )

Dec. 29th, 2015

belchertown state 2


FIC: Reliance for luminousgloom

Title: Reliance
Author: ghosttt
Recipient: luminousgloom
Rating: PG-13
Contents and warnings (highlight to view): * language, sex offscreen, mentions of animal death *
Word Count: 578
Summary: Yukon Territory, 1876. Sirius comes back from a supply run.
Notes: This is a much-later and very brief sequel to my fic Desperado that takes place in that world (but this piece will definitely make sense if you have not read the longer story). I just could not resist it with the prompt "return after a long absence." I've always wanted to write something sappy and sweet in this verse because the original is so bleak and here it is. Thank you for bearing with me luminousgloom et al. Happy New Year!

relianceCollapse )

Jan. 2nd, 2016

small gifts collar


FIC: Why Are You Laughing? For bearshorty

Title: Why Are You Laughing?

Author/Artist: mindabbles

Recipient: bearshorty

Rating: PG

Contents or warnings (highlight to view): * a giant toddler*

Word count: 2,400

Summary: Christmas is about being with the ones you love, so a Christmas Eve with your best mate, your son, and your dear friends' three sprogs can be nothing but magical, right? Right?

Notes: I hope you enjoy this, bearshorty! Happy New Year, and thanks for joining in on the holiday fun again this year.

Mind Sirius and RemusCollapse )
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Dec. 30th, 2015



Fic: Wolfsbane 101 for rhye

Title:Wolfsbane 101
Author: llaeyro
Recipient: rhye
Rating: NC-17
Contents or warnings (highlight to view): *frotting, hand job, masturbation, blow job, implied animagus/wolf ‘flirting’, just turned sixteen*
Word count: ~4000
Summary: Remus has long since decided to ignore his completely inappropriate feelings. Apparently, this new potion has other ideas...
Disclaimer: Not my characters, I only play with them for the amusement of myself and others. I make not a single knut.
Notes: Happy Holidays Rhye, I hope this fits the bill and thanks to Nazgirl for putting up with me the beta.

Wolfsbane 101Collapse )

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