small gifts exchange

Week 6 Round Up

With yesterday's post, we've reached the end of our week of bonus gifts. Our master list will go up tomorrow!


Finalsoul created Seaside Drawings for nachodiablo
Art for Nachodiablo's Seaside. Work-safe

TPants created Skinny Dipping in Black Lake for BastardSirius


Wild_flame created Podfic: Dog Days of Summer for RJ31 and Goodfrith
Podfic for Dogs Days of Summer by Snakeowls. It’s the first day of summer and it’s full of food, fun and frolics, and that’s just the way that Remus, Sirius and Teddy like it. Rated G, 17:40


Magnetic_pole created Keep Reading for liseuse
Sirius, young and in love. Remus reads his story. Rated G, 1000 words

Shaggydogstail created A Cup of Kindness for luminous gloom
Topping up his mulled cider with the potion brewed long ago by his traitorous ex-boyfriend might turn out to be one of Remus' better bad ideas. Rated PG-13, 2300 words

Shaggydogstail created Toilet Talk for nachodiablo
Everyone knows the best place to plot is a public lavatory. Rated PG-13, 2200 words

small gifts exchange

Week 5 Round Up


Abyss_valkyrie created Meet the Howells for digthewriter
Sirius accompanies Remus to join Hope Lupin and Remus' grandfather during Christmas. Rated PG-13, 5900 words


Bigblackdog created Misfits for brighty18
A retelling of the claymation classic Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys featuring a red-nosed Remus and not-really-a-Slytherin Sirius. Rated M, 7600 words

Goodfrith created Rsh Hr Crsh for wild flame
Remus Lupin is afflicted by a crush developed during rush hour, colloquially known as a rush hour crush. Come, enjoy the fallout! Rated G, 5200 words

Huldrejenta created for Five Times Remus and Sirius Went Out Into the Snow, and One Time They Stayed Inside for museinabsentia
What it says on the tin. Or: Five Times Remus Broke a Rule, and One Time He Made a New One. Rated R, 5000 words

Jencala created In Vino Veritas for rainy_parade
A blizzard, firewhisky, a lap dance, and two oblivious boys. What could possibly go wrong? Rated M, 4700

Liseuse created An Arrival, A Return, A Promised Sign for earlybloomingparentheses
Christmas is more like Schrödinger’s Cat than you might imagine. Rated PG-13, 1770 words

Llaeryo created The Very Best of Terms for ruins plume
Remus, Sirius and Tonks reflect on their unique family situation. Rated NC-17, 5000 words

Momstiel created Professor Remus J. Lupin for shoebox_addict
In the midst of desperate times, Sirius still pulls through with an incredibly kind gift. Rated PG-13, 1600 words

Rainy_parade created Sirius Doesn't Bite for amahami
Remus chances upon a beautiful stranger in a bookstore. Rated G, 2000 words

Red_squared created Here We Lie Against Each Other for luminous gloom
A lie-in isn't particularly satisfying when there's no-one to lie next to. Rated PG

small gifts exchange

Week 4 Round Up


Kaellinn created Blue for bigblackdog
Winsor & Newton watercolours and a blue pencil Work-safe


Amahami created Amalgamation for Lesbianremus
A baby is left on the Delacour-Lupin doorstep the day before Hanukkah. After the four parents decide to keep her, they need to work to include her in the festivities. And boy, are there festivities. Rated T, 18,000 words

Cevennes created This Is Not Your Year for Weirandcairn
1979, year of war and obsession and sleep loss and sexual frustration. Sirius is hoping to go out with a bang and not a whimper; enter Remus, stage left. Rated NC-17, 17,000 words

Lesbianremus created Let It Snow for rj31
Remus and Sirius host a holiday party Rated G, 1900 words

Luminousgloom created Let Love In for Abradystrix
Remus has been diligent, protecting himself against potential dangers. But he might let his guard down. Rated NC-17, 4100 words

Ocelotting created Organised Winged Letter Carriers’ Union for dustmout
Lies, good and bad. Rated G, 1000 words

Shaggydogstail created Peer Review for abyss_valkyrie
As an experienced professor, it’s only right that Remus offer the new Care of Magical Creatures instructor the benefit of his experience. Rated NC-17, 4700 words

TPants created And a Peacock in a Glass Tree for Shaggydogstail
Remus probably shouldn't have thrown Sirius out of bed. Lily helps Sirius out. Sirius learns to carol. Rated NC-17, 4500 words

small gifts exchange

Week 3 Round Up

Abradystrix created No Present for Padfood for Jencala
Sirius isn't celebrating Christmas this year, on principle of course. But that's not to say there won't be mistletoe… Rated M, 1900 words

Bastardsirius created Making an Impression for maraudersaffair
Sirius comes over to the Lupin household over Easter holidays. Rated NC-17, 6000 words

Brighty18 created Creature of the Night for Momstiel
The day before the Christmas holidays should be easy, but it so rarely is. Rated PG-13, 2000 words

Earlybloomingparentheses created Ghost of Winter for evandar
Christmas is coming and the bite of winter is in the air, and way up north in the Highlands the mountains are big and bleak enough to hide even Azkaban’s most wanted from prying eyes. All Remus can imagine is being snowbound alone with Sirius. Unfortunately, there’s a ghost who has other plans. Rated T, 3100 words

Evandar created Reunion for Finalsoul
They'd been friends in school: the cocky Slytherin and the shy Gryffindor, and for twenty years Remus has kept the notes they passed as proof. An unexpected reunion in Flourish and Blotts, however, could prove to be the start of a new chapter. Rated PG, 2600

Flourescentgrey created Atropos for yakovah
1887, along the Old Spanish Trail. History, memory, fate, madness, old letters, an apparition, a curse. Rated R, 8300 words

Museinabsentia created Aokigahara for cevennes
Japan's Aokigahara Forest, or Sea of Trees, is one of the top suicide destinations in the world. That doesn't always make for the friendliest of spirits. Rated R, 13,000 words

Nachodiablo created Reasonable Doubts for huldrejenta
AU where Voldemort is stopped, but prejudices remain. Remus didn’t attend Hogwarts due to his lycanthropy. Sirius and Remus have a plan, but Remus doubts Sirius’ commitment. Rated Explicit, 2500 words

Ruinsplume created Then I Would Come and Find You for Llaeyro
This is what saves them both. Rated E, 3000 words

Shoebox_Addict created At the End of One’s Nose for Memorde
Sometimes you can't see what's at the end of your own nose. Rated PG-13, 6700 words

Yakovah created Don't talk about what you don't understand for flourescentgrey
Remus put Phil Ochs on the record player over and over. Sarge, I'm only eighteen, I got a ruptured spleen / And I always carry a purse. Rated R, 3000 words
small gifts exchange

Week 2 Round Up



coffeeincosmos created Snow Magic for jepierre
Sirius might be a bit enchanted by the view of the snow, but Remus is suddenly enchanted by something else entirely. Work-safe

dustmouth created How to Have a Successful Christmas for chasingbluefish
various wizardly ways to celebrate Christmas, including elf hats, dancing turkeys, and particularly amorous tinsel. Work safe

myprettycabinet created Nighttime Fireflies for kaellinn
Inspired by Summer Evening by Edward Hopper. Work-safe


blanketed_in_stars created stir the flame anew for snax0
Two winters after the war, Remus receives an owl, and, shortly thereafter, an unexpected houseguest. Rated PG-13, 5200 words

chasingbluefish created Of Owls and Corks for ocelotting
In which Sirius struggles to choose a gift and Remus brings home a stow away. Rated M, 3900 words

jepierre created Christmas 101 for Tpants
When James informs Remus and Sirius that Christmas dinner will be entirely Muggle, Remus finds the professor within him and attempts to teach Sirius as much as he can about Muggle traditions. Rated M, 2300 words

maraudersaffair created Loving Strangers for bastardsirius
After twelve years apart, Remus and Sirius realize they don't know each other anymore. Rated NC-17, 3100 words

memorde created Dissonance for mustntgetmy
Remus searches for solace in all the likely places, but somehow he keeps coming back to Sirius Black. Featuring sad acoustic indie, spearmint gum, and irresponsible usage of social media. Rated T, 4000 words

nerakrose created Two Truths for coffeeincosmos
Sirius is Remus' date to the Yule Ball. AU in which Remus stayed on as teacher after PoA, and Sirius' name was cleared during the summer. Rated G, 2200 words

snax0 created These, Our Bodies, Possessed by Light for blanketed_in_stars
Winter, 1979. A moment before dawn. Rated G, 1300 words
small gifts exchange

Week 1 Round Up

Over at Small Gifts we started posting this week. We'll have Remus/Sirius goodness every day in December. Stop by Dreamwidth to see the following gifts:

Final soul created Remus and Sirius for Nerakrose
Old men Sirius and Remus rediscover love letters they wrote each other in their youth and spend some quality time laughing together about them. Art for nerakrose’s No Longer Easy on the Eyes. Work safe

Wild_flame created Skinny Dip by Nachodiablo for Nachodiablo
James and Sirius come back from an evening swim in the lake. Remus does not like this at all, for some reason. 15 min 31 sec

Mustntgetmy created The Long Night for Red_squared
Remus and Sirius spend the Solstice together. Rated R, 2200 words

Rj31 created Dog Days of Summer for Goodfrith
It’s the first day of summer and it’s full of food, fun and frolics, and that’s just the way that Remus, Sirius and Teddy like it. Rated G, 2700 words

Digthewriter created (Not So) Patient for Myprettycabinet
Remus never thought he'd be the one that'd need a lesson in patience. Rated G, 1100 words
small gifts exchange

Countdown to small gifts: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3

Every year at small gifts, we start off the holiday season with a week’s worth of discussion posts. It’s a chance to get to know other participants (or say hi again), meet our readers (hi, readers! we love you!), and while away the hours before December 1. We’ll have one topic per day until November 30.

Countdown to small gifts 1/7: Introductions! Come on over to tell us a bit about yourself and meet other readers and participants.

Countdown to small gifts 2/7: Beginnings Tell us about the first time you knew Remus/Sirius was for you.

Countdown to small gifts 3/7: Head canon What are your bits of backstory and characterization for these two?
small gifts exchange

Reminder: Claiming begins at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, October 21 over at Dreamwidth

Reminder! Claiming takes place tomorrow/Saturday morning, October 21st, 11:00 a.m. ET! (That’s 8:00 a.m. in Los Angeles, 10:00 a.m. in Mexico City, 11:00 a.m. in New York, 4:00 p.m. in London, 5:00 p.m. in Berlin, 7:00 p.m. in Dubai, and 11:00 p.m. in Shanghai.)

Australia-Pacific folks or anyone who can’t be at their computer tomorrow, please send us an e-mail, and we’ll help you out. Note that claiming lasts only 24 hours, and the majority of the claims are made within the first four or five hours.

You can still sign up here until 10:59. Come join the party!