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puppylove by loethlin

may_g in rs_small_gifts

Art: Sirius Black's Diary for remuslives23

Title: Sirius Black's Diary
Author: may_g
Recipient: remuslives23
Rating: R
Highlight for Warnings: *handjob (not very explicit though), nudity, licking, fingering*
Summary: four drawings for the fic Sirius Black's Diary by remuslives23
Author's notes: I really enjoyed drawing this, I had more fun than usual. Getting it posted though was quite a challenge. Photobucket sucks. This is my third try, I hope it works.

Sunday 4th March

Sunday 4th March by ~may-g on deviantART
Remus should have seriously known better, though. What is the point in having him around if he doesn't stop the rest of us from doing stupid things like wrapping a hand around one of your best mate's cock and getting him off under the shower?

Sunday, 25th March
It's all tonguing nipples, and rubbing between legs, and finding that one special spot that will drive them out of their mind.

Sunday, 15th April
Girlfriend search put off for a little longer. Remus showed me where my prostate is last night. Fuck me, I think I went blind when I came!

Wednesday, 16th May
...and as soon as I put this journal away, I'm going to kiss him, and tell him that I want him and that I hope he still wants me.
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These are great! But fyi the first pic isn't showing up properly.
I think I fixed it now. Thank you!
That was really darling - and very "Sirius," too. It was also very, very funny: Girlfriend search put off for a little longer. Remus showed me where my prostate is last night. Fuck me, I think I went blind when I came! LOL the diary format was really inspired and, again, you captured Sirius' voice really well.

I love your use of color, the pinks, purples, and rosey tones really added to the overall effect. The uber close-up on the first one caught me off guard for a moment, but it was a truly original idea and I love how those fleshy colors appeared in the second one (or course, they were naked, after-all, and in the window of the third part.

Nicely done!
Thank you! I'm always a bit worried about choosing the right colour for skin so I'm really glad you liked the colours.
I was experimenting here actually, this is not how I usually draw. I don't really know how I would define the style either, at first I wanted to do vexel but then it turned into something else.

Thank you!
I adore these! I like the bold graphic style and the colors are gorgeous! The second and third should be on display in MoMA in Manhattan. The curving lines of the third are especially sensual but the second is utterly intriguing. And they're all simply fab!
Thank you!I'm surprised everybody likes the second one so much, I almost didn't include it.
I love the style! The backgrounds are as cool as the foreground images. Very nice!
Thank you! I normally avoid backgrounds because I never know what to do but this time I was determined to try something. I'm really happy you like the result.
I concur with werewolfsfan, #s2 &3 are standout awesome, for me its your use of purple that puts them over the top. the forbidden twilight feeling of #3 is just delicious.
Thank you! The third one is actually my favourite.

Oh, these are AMAZING!!! FOUR drawings!! And what drawings!! They are wonderful.

I adore the beautiful lines in the first - the positioning of their hands, how their bodies fit together, their hair! Sirius' hair falling over Remus' shoulder like that seems so intimate. And the contrast of their skin colour is a really lovely touch -- I love my Sirius pale and my Remus tanned. :-)

The second -- I want this on my wall! I love it!!! It does look like graphic art and it is incredible. The purple tint was inspired.

The third is stunning. Seriously. I did a little dance when I scrolled down and saw it. The curve of Sirius' body, the look on his face, the look on Remus' face-- I have no words other than WOW!!!!

The last -- oh, you are brilliant! This is perfect! Imploring Sirius and stubborn Remus are PERFECT!! Again, their expressions and body language are fantastic.


Edited at 2010-12-26 09:37 am (UTC)
Yaaaaaaaay! I'm really glad you like them.

I had a lot of fun with their hair. I'm glad I got their skin colour right!

I was surprised at how good the third one turned out, I can't believe how good Sirius looks.

I worked hard on the last one and I'm still not completely happy with it but I'm glad that what I wanted to show still comes across.

Thank you for the lovely comment and the brilliant fic that was the perfect inspiration!
Wonderful drawings. You have a gift!
Thank you very much.
Ooh, these are both hot and lovely! I love your graphic style as well as the colours you use, especially for the second and third one.

So gorgeous ♥
Thank you. I had fun picking colours, I'm glad you like them.
Gorgeous! Very nice work!
Thank you!
Ooooh, love the porny art! (Especially the nipple, very cool.) And the last one is sweet.
Haha, I enjoyed drawing the porny art. Thank you.
These are incredibly, incredibly gorgeous. I'm a huge fan of the flat cut-out style you used here, it's just so original and playful and beautiful as heck. I'm particularly enamored with your Sirius, with his pale skin and long hair and the lovely curve of his spine and leg in the third pic. ;) I'm simply in awe! Gorgeous work! ♥
Thank you! I love Sirius, maybe that's why he looks so good in my drawings. I was surprised at how good he turned out in the third one. I'm so happy you like them!
Awww, that was sweet and hot and funny (who cares for a girlfriend anyway?) and man, do I love the textures and lines in this. Very unique.
Thank you. I'm so happy you like it!
Nicely done!
I love the colors and the intensity of each of these, and illustration of the story worked so well.
thank you!