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ben flower

epithalamium in rs_small_gifts

Art: Lie still, Mr Black for amuly

Title: Lie still, Mr Black
Author: epithalamium
Recipient: amuly
Rating: NC 17
Highlight for Warnings: *rimming, skinny naked back*
Author's notes: For amuly 's 3rd prompt (see warnings). I hope you like it, hun, because it's been so long since I drew these two doing anything more than hold hands and I might be getting rusty with anatomy (not that I've ever been hot with that, but you know). And the patterns on the sheets definitely defy all things real.


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OMG! *flail* Did not look at the warnings so was not fully prepared for the HOTNESS. NNNF. The way Sirius is clutching at the sheets...!
Ah, thanks so much!
I never look at the warning either. It's like opening Christmas presents, no? :D
So glad you liked it hun!!! *hugs you silly*
I got struck with the urge to draw rimming for some reason, and your prompt coincided with the urges quite nicely. Isn't it great how these things work?
Completely naked, grasping Sirius+Green-jumpered Remus, talented-tongued Remus=total hotness. I love the title, too! :)
Thanks so much! I always have a hard time with titles, so I'm glad you liked. XDD

gorgeous as always <3
Ah, thanks so much, hun!
GUH. *flails about and dies a happy death*
Hee, thanks so much, hun!
OMFGawd! I didn't look at the warnings either!!! is ded
Thanks so much! I never actually look at warnings until after reading/looking. It's like opening Christmas presents, yes? :D
Very hot! And love that cardigan-y thing Remus is wearing.
Thanks so much! I always like drawing Remus's jumpers/cardigans. :D
MMF, gorgeous! I LOVE Remus's jumper!
Hee, thanks so much!
OMG! That is truly beyond hot. I love Remus' expression of bliss and how Sirius is clutching the sheets in pleasure. (And those are fantastic sheets, btw. I'd totally buy those.)

I also have to give you MAJOR props for actually drawing rimming. You don't see that often (unfortunately) and it's pretty damned awesome.

Well done!
Thanks so much, hun! The sheets are too linear for my taste, but that's because I did the patters digitally instead of by hand as I usually do. XD

I've actually been wondering how people draw rimming (do you focus on the rimmer or the rimmee?), but I had this idea for a pose where Sirius is all wanton and open and stuff, and I just had to draw it!
......you win at everything.
Ah, thanks so much, sweetie!
*NOSEBLEEDS* ZOMG, I ponder when will I be able to draw something like this, amazing one, as always1
Thanks so much, hun! Your H/D blowjob fan art is hot stuff, you know!
Oh. My. Guh. Sirius gripping the sheets? Sirius' toes curled? The little tuft of hair just before the split in his cheeks? Remus holding him so carefully? The look of concentration on Remus' face: "Because, Sirius, a job worth doing is worth doing well."

I love their hair, Sirius' especially all spread out and wild on the bed. Gorgeous! Love this!
Hee, you noticed that tufty thingy between the cheeks of his arse! That was probably my favourite part. XDD

Thanks so much, hun!
Oh, this is beautiful and hot!
Thank you, sweetie!!

Kudos for going for the actual depiction. I love Sirius' bony body, the way his fingers clutch the sheets and the blush of his skin (that's always my fave thing of yours). And I don't know why, but I am most amused by Remus in his green jumper. he looks warm and happy.

What a way to end the old year & begin the new one ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Ah, thanks so much, hun!

You know I've always wondered what people drew when they draw rimming? Like, do they focus on the rimmer or the rimmee? XD But I had this idea of a wanton, naked back pose for Sirius and I just had to draw it! And of course, Remus is all fuzzy and green jumpery. XD
Um, wow. Like others, I love Remus' green jumper while Sirius is totally naked. Very hot!
Thanks so much! I thought it was a bit funny, having Remus wear a jumper. Show 'em who's boss, and all that. ;D
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