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busaikko in rs_small_gifts

Master List of All Small Gifts

Gifts given during the 2006 rs_small_gifts exchange
Alphabetical by author or artist

Vital stats:
Total gifts given: 60
Number of participants: 53

Awards Ceremony:
Thank you so much to everyone who participated! The fic and art have been fabulous. Special thanks to pinch-hitters thistlerose, lykoi, and busaikko. A certificate of honor goes to almost_clara, who submitted no less than four (count them, four!) gifts. Finally, a round of applause for all readers. Feedback keeps us all going, and you've been great.

Your mods,
busaikko and Maggie


Art: Breathe Out Anger for penknife, rated G
Summary: Art for Breathe out Anger
Era: Post Hogwarts

Art: Midnight Mass for moony, rated G
Summary: Midnight Mass
Era: Post Hogwarts

Art: Solstice for busaikko, rated G
Summary: Solstice
Era: Post Hogwarts

Art: Journey Home for magnetic_pole, rated G
Summary: Public Transport
Era: Post Hogwarts


Fic: The Only Entertainment for rudhampaiel


Art: Christmas 1978 for almost_clara, rated G or PG


Fic: Dancing Shoes for eudaimon, rated R for sexual content


Fic: Speaking Volumes for theenginedriver, rated PG-13
Summary: a magic book in Remus's sock drawer.
Era: post-Hogwarts.


Fic: Fear of the Dark for passakiss
Summary: Remus and Sirius miss the train, take a walk, and find...? (PG13)
Era: post-Hogwarts (First War)
Fandom: Harry Potter / Dark Is Rising crossover

Fic: Comfort for kyasuriin, rated PG (with soundtrack!)
Summary: "Each be other’s comfort kind" (Hopkins)
Era: OotP


Art: Untitled art for rosemaryandrue, rated G
Prompts: Sirius' reaction to Remus' smile, keepsakes, and sepia
Era: Hogwarts/OotP


Fic: Sweet, But a Little Bit Crunchy for sleeper6, rated G


Fic: Perfect Thursdays for sojisaanaru, rated PG-13


Fic: Shake, Rattle and Roll for skysparcz, rated R


Fic: Three Ways They Didn't Talk About the War


Fic: if you can't say it at christmas (when can you?) for medicinal_mirth, rated PG/PG-13
Prompt: "footprints in the snow, snowsuits, unexpected gifts"
Era: Hogwarts/MWPP

Fic: train (terrain) tracks for magnetic_pole, rated G
Prompt: "Public transportation, magical or Muggle"
Era: Post-Hogwarts MWPP


Fic: Asylum for lotrwariorgodss, rated PG


Fic: Second Chances for last_radio, rated PG
Summary: Sirius goes back to a home he had scorned, and in turn sees an old friend.
Era: AU, set in the late 1800s


Fic: Cigarettes Will Kill You for nurturing_roads, rated PG-13
Summary: "I thought you didn't smoke, says Sirius, his cigarette dancing a delicate balance between his fingertips."
Era: MWPP!


Fic: Humbugs and Fairy Lights for kyasuriin, rated PG
Summary: Remus doesn't like Christmas. But the drinks help.
Era: Hogwarts


Art: Back Alley for cathybites
Prompt: Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night
Era: post-Hogwarts


Art: No Time to Stop for desetoiles, rated NC17 for graphic nudity
Summary: Sirius and Remus live life in the fast lane chasing their next high however they can get it.
Era: Post-Hogwarts


Fic: The Wee Small Hours for moony, rated PG


Fic: Book Shopping for Beginners for remeciel, rated PG
Summary: Sirius tries to find the perfect Christmas gift for Remus, one that will show how he feels.
Era: post-Hogwarts


Fic: A Whole New Alphabet for kasche, rated light R for sexuality
Summary: Everything that is about to happen is Remus’s fault.
Era: Hogwarts, Post-Hogwarts


Fic: Oh! Just tell someone! for gwathhenation, rated R for language
Summary: Dischord between the boys and a painful conversation.
Era: Post-Hogwarts


Fic: Maybe This Time It's Different for glass_icarus
Summary: Sirius wants Remus, Remus is dragging his feet.
Era: Post-Hogwarts (barely)


Fic: Sparkles and Sugar Plums for thistlerose, rated PG-13
Summary: Remus and Sirius take a young Nymphadora to the Nutcracker Ballet
Era: post-Hogwarts


Fic: Voldemort's Return: A Love Story for suzene, rated PG
Summary: Arabella Figg has her own story to tell about Voldemort's return.
Era: GoF


Fic: Bent for morwen_eleriel, rated PG-13
Prompt: Morwen_Eleriel requested: MWPP era where Remus and Sirius both like each other but don't know it, including clueless!James and theonlyonewhoknowswhat'sgoingon!Peter.
Era: Hogwarts


Fic: That Music Kindly Bids Us Wake for radiobroadcast, rated R


Fic: Postcards from the Moon, rated PG, a gift for sambethe
Summary: Five different journeys, one constant relationship.
Era: Just after Hogwarts to OoTP.


Fic: A Cup of Kindness, rated PG, a gift for lls_mutant
Summary: Four friends ring in the new year at 12 Grimmauld Place
Era: PoA/GoF/OotP


Fic: Humbuggery for themis, rated PG-13


Fic: In Parallel for maraudersaffair
Summary: AU where Remus and Sirius were born female, and the way their lives changed as a result.
Era: Marauder's Era


Fic: Swept Away for snow_blossoms
Summary: Remus' first Christmas without everyone he loves.
Era: Post-Hogwarts

Fic: Classroom Boredom for minnow_53, rated PG
Summary: Sirius is bored in class; note passing ensues.
Era: Hogwarts


Fic: The First Snow for deemocore, rated PG to light R


Fic: Strangers When We Meet for oddsbobs, rated PG-13


Art: Scandalous! for lexicon, rated PG
Summary: An encounter on the streets of Victorian London.
Era: AU (late 1800's)


Fic: Resolutions for jamesly
Summary: New Year's, 1981. Remus is missing.
Era: Post-Hogwarts

Fic: All the Wrong Reasons for jamesly, rated PG-13
Summary: Christmas, 1982, and Remus is invited to a party.
Era: Lost years


Fic: The Longest Night
Prompts: "solstice," "first kiss"
Era: Post-Hogwarts


Art: An Argument for magnetic_pole, rated G
Prompt : interesting ordinary places (flats, pubs, shops)/moody Sirius, Remus with a strong personality
Era : post-Hogwarts


Fic: The Tyranny of Petty Things for moondagny, rated PG-13
Summary: : "I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things." -- Antoine de St-Exupery.
Era: OoTP


Fic: Flights of Fancy for buckle_berry, rated R


Fic: Of Frozen Noses and Numb Lips for lykoi
Prompt: Snowball fight aftermath
Era: Hogwarts


Fic: Before Dawn for beckaandzac, rated R
Summary: Sirius and Remus get distracted opening presents.
Era: post-Hogwarts, pre-everything going to hell


Fic: Heliacal Rising
Summary: That's exactly how I'd describe you--irresolute, fickle, and decidedly inconsistent.
Era: OotP


Art: Breakup for noamjen, rated G


Fic: James Potter's Dating Advice for arielluvsdraco
Summary: James gives Remus dating advice before his first date.
Era: Hogwarts


Fic: The Things We Do For Love for rufus
Summary: Remus tricks Sirius into being St. Nick for Christmas in the children's ward of the hospital.
Era: post-Hogwarts


Art: Warmth of the Umbrella" for closet_zebra
Prompt: large umbrella, keeping warm
late Hogwarts era, or shortly after


Fic: The New World for azureflight
Summary: A Seventh Year evening down at the Three Broomsticks, which makes Remus reflective.
Era: Hogwarts


Fic: Away from Nowhere for jennuine, rated PG
Summary: Discussion over pancakes on a freezing morning.
Era: Hogwarts


Fic: The Parallels Are the Hardest Part for kittehkat, rated NC-17 for swearing, talking dirty, wanking, and extreme angst
Era: POA


Fic: Winter Dreamings for cinnamon_sakaki, rated PG
Summary: Now, of course, the quality and seasonability of these winter dreams varied, but the stuff of them remained.
Era: post-Hogwarts


Fic: Four Imagined Decembers for rian219, rated R
Summary: Remus was born a wizard, but because he's a werewolf, he's not allowed to attend Hogwarts. He and Sirius will just have to meet some other way! (AU)

Fic: Long Not for the Dawn for krabapple
Summary: After everyone else has gone to bed, Sirius and Remus have a private gift exchange.
Era: OotP

If you didn't get your summary and/or era info in yet, please comment here. Or if there are errors or omissions. Domo!


From jamesly:

jamesly for nuturing_roads, "Cigarettes Will Kill You"
Summary: "I thought you didn't smoke, says Sirius, his cigarette dancing a delicate balance between his fingertips." (I don't ever do summaries, I just pick a line, haha.)
Era: MWPP!
The era for my fic was PoA. Thanks so much!!