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small gifts exchange

smallgiftsmods in rs_small_gifts

Master List for 2008

And....*drumroll*...we're there! We may see one or two extra gifts appear in the next few days, but we've finally reached the end of the 2008 exchange.

Thanks so much for participating, everyone! We've had a wonderful exchange, with 77 gifts given over the past five weeks, including six gifts of art and 71 fics, and some 2,938 comments left to date. We saw AUs, meditations on the afterlife, first kisses, last words, banter, angst...and even one or two brilliant fics set in the dreaded Missing Years after 1981. This corner of fandom is a little richer now, and thanks go to all of you for that.

Special thanks go out to our pinch-hit team, including brighty18, who helped us out in the early stages, and lazy_neutrino, midnitemaraud_r, calembours, and velvetmouse, who stepped in to save the day over the holidays. Folks like you make exchanges like these possible, and we can't tell you how grateful are that you volunteered and wrote such wonderful fics under deadline.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to mindabbles and sambethe, who naively offered to help the harried magnetic_pole run the exchange this year and wound up doing all the work. As you know, things have been hectic at my end, and your fabulous organization, hard work, and good humor have made all the difference.

Finally, there's nothing an author or artist loves more than a little feedback. Even though the exchange may be over, leave a comment if you read a fic you like or see a wonderful piece of art; someone will appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful month of R/S! May 2009 be filled with art, fic, and friendship.

magnetic_pole, mindabbles, and sambethe



coldneedles drew
Sea Spray for such_heights
Art for such_heights' story The Shores of the Sea (Rated: G)

kittehkat drew
A Shared Fag for paulamcg
Prompt: A shared cigarette. (Rated: PG)

spacefragments drew
Revelations for roterhimmel
Comic-style art to the prompts: First kiss; Hiding shaking hands in mittens (sort of, the shaking is implied and there are no mittens); and Bright Eyes, 'A Celebration Upon Completion" lyrics. (Rated PG)

remeciel drew
Le Songe for gyzym
Three scenes from two wars. (Rated: PG-13)

calembours drew
A Long Way to go for Groceries for molsymo
It seemed like a good idea at the time to simply take a map and walk about the neighbourhood, but ultimately, it does them little good when they're not even sure where they are. (Rated G)

stompe drew
A walk in the park (+ a small bonus comic) for anothersaturday
Prompt: Cheeks all flushed by the cold (Rated PG)


shadowclub wrote
The White Elephant that went to Hogwarts: A Christmas Tale for quartetship
"Lily, I don’t want to go. What’s going to happen? James, Peter, and Sirius are going to get stinking drunk after half an hour. You and James will snog, Peter will desperately chase the ugliest girl in the room and Sirius will...steal Slughorn's shoes again before he starts snogging the most attractive girl in the room." Fic with soundtrack. (Rated R)


beeinmybonnet wrote
The Storm Inside You for starla_kid
During the night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Sirius suffers from insomnia. (Rated: PG)

aras_fixation wrote
Molly for cindergal
Late night talk between Remus and Molly at the kitchen table. (Yes, dear reader it’s about *that* sort of talk.) (Rated PG-13)

batmanboxers wrote
Death At One's Elbow for taigne
The sun shone blindingly through a window ten feet above his head, and flecks of dust swam in his vision. He moved, making his way deeper into the warehouse, eyes and ears constantly alert. Through his skull ran the repeated mantra of the Torchwood code, all his instructions, the things they told him about the field. (Rated PG, warnings for character death)

batmanboxers wrote
Of Love and (Mis)Understandings by theatresweety
Doctor Who. "Well, then that's a bloody stupid title for a show," he huffed, thinking himself quite amazing for that deduction. If Sirius wasn't mistaken, he thought he saw a slight twitch start to form above Remus' left eye. He flashed a wicked grin. He'd made that twitch." (Rated: PG-13)

blackliquorice wrote
Midnight Tea for midnight_birth
Beings boys, Remus and Sirius don't want to talk about what's going on. So they have a spot of tea instead. (Rated R)

brighty18 wrote
Home for the Holidays for wopt70
Sirius’ New Year’s Holiday at the Potter’s makes him consider the concept of home. (Rated PG-13)

brighty18 wrote
The Unintended for shadowclub
Remus becomes the unwilling victim of a prank intended for James and engages in a perilous journey from the Prefects' Bathroom to the Gryffindor Common Room. (Rated: PG-13)

captainpookey wrote
Dear Remus... for crypticmadness
When a letter from the dead Sirius turns up in a place Remus would least expect it to—a teacup—he can’t help but feel tormented by memories of the past and the present. (Rated: PG-13)

carmine_ink wrote
A Peripheral Vision for coldneedles
Set in Cambridge at the end of the century, Remus and Sirius struggle to exist in a society that refuses to accept them. (Rated PG-13)

chrliii wrote
Early Morning Revelations for liseuse
Sirius is angry, gets drunk, and freezes. (Rated PG-13)

cindergal wrote
The Lionhearted for spacefragments
Sirius is a Slytherin who thinks he has nothing in common with Remus Lupin. When they share detention together in sixth year, he finds out how wrong he was. (Rated PG)

crooked wrote
we'll go (and we'll go and we'll go) for sambethe
Sometimes it’s neither the big nor the little things — but rather the smothering combination of both — that adds up to a desperate need to escape. (Rated PG-13)

crypticmadness wrote
Counting Days for lhazzie
Sirius sits in Azkaban, reminiscing about mistakes and Christmases past. (Rated: PG-13)

daphnaea wrote
A Little Sincerity Is a Dangerous Thing for chrliii
Remus Lupin’s guide to what not to do when one of your best mates might fancy you. (Rated PG-13)

dear_tiger wrote
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus for captainpookey
Sirius and Remus try to pull a Christmas prank on James (rated: PG-13)

mysecretashes wrote
Burn for gryffindorj
Remus always avoids Sirius close to the full moon. One night, Sirius won't let him. (Rated: NC-17}

fullmoon_dreams wrote
Oversleeping for kasche
Oversleeping can be a bad thing or a good…it depends on how you spend the rest of the day. (Rated PG-13)

fullmoon_dreams wrote
The Extra Gift for rev02a
Remus and Sirius celebrate their first Christmas together since leaving Hogwart’s. (Rated: Light R)

glass_icarus wrote
(I'll be) home for Christmas for crooked
Sirius pays Remus a holiday visit.(Rated PG)

gryffindorj wrote
Deliver Us From Evil for chiralove
An Order mission on Christmas Eve turns out even more eventful than either Remus and Sirius planned. Rated NC-17)

gyzym wrote
These Conversations We Aren't Having for woldy
In which Sirius Black sleeps past four, there is much Indian take-away, and Remus Lupin scowls at moldy peas. (Rated: Pg-13)

kathleen_hp wrote
An Unexpected (But Very Much Hoped For) Gift for fullmoon_dreams
Sirius may have hit Remus with an unwanted spell. Remus may be ready to kill him. (Rated PG-13)

last_radio wrote
The Start of Something for passakiss
Sirius is in a mood, and Remus works on getting a clue. (Rated PG-13)

lazy_neutrino wrote
Silent Night for lupinlicious
Horrible wailings in the night lead Sirius on a strange quest for the truth. (Rated PG)

l_stone wrote
Words Like Smoke for sugaredarsenic
It’s almost Christmas and Sirius is missing again. James and Remus come up with a brilliant plan to keep track of him. (Rated PG-13)

laroseminuit wrote
Strange New Worlds for solidbaby
Remus helps Sirius shop for muggle Christmas decorations. (Rated PG)

leafyaki wrote
These Winter Serenades for brighty_18
A tale of Christmases through the years. (Rated PG)

chiralove wrote
Christmas Ever After for laroseminuit
"What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace." - Agnes M. Pharo (Rated PG-13)

lhazzie wrote
How Sirius Spent Christmas '95 for a_shadow_there
Sirius is depressed, though the prospect of Christmas cheers him up a little, and Remus gets to be the lucky recipient of his enthusiasm. (Rated PG-13)

liseuse wrote
In The Turning of the Times for daphnaea
A year in the life. Complete with singing and ducks. (Rated PG-13)

lls_mutant (formerly lupinslittlesis) wrote
Resurrections and Epiphanies for penhaligonblue
They weren't supposed to survive the war. And now, Remus wasn't sure what was supposed to happen next. (Rated PG)

lotrwariorgodss wrote
The More They Stay the Same for lyras
Remus hasn't seen Sirius since he walked out two months ago, but a weekend looking after the littlest Potter is about to change that. (Rated PG-13)

lupinlicious wrote
Three Things That Happened In The Astronomy Tower for remeciel
Three things that happened in the Astronomy Tower that people don't know about or remember. (Rated PG)

lyras wrote
Who Do I Believe In? for stompe
Neither of them know how it'll end, and that's fine. (Rated R)

magnetic_pole wrote
How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away? for last_radio
1979 has been a difficult year. Alice blames Frank, who couldn't say no to a stray.(Rated PG)

maraudersaffair wrote
I'm a Werewolf, Baby (Tragically) for kathleen_hp
Drunken snogging around a fire.(Rated PG)

midnight_birth wrote
Take a Chance for kasche
Sirius was never famous for his self-control. When he wants something, there is not a hell of a lot anybody can do or say to get in his way, even if that “something” is one of his best friends. (Rated R)

midnitemaraud_r wrote
Inches and Falling for kittehkat
All that remained was a box full of memories. (Rated R)

mindabbles wrote
No Denying It for midnitemaraud_r
Sirius searches for something to lift the mid-winter gloom, finding brightness and warmth in some expected and some not so expected places.(Rated PG)

mindabbles wrote
Objects Of Sentimental Value, a gift for the rs_small_gifts community
Sirius had never accepted defeat, a quality that was as much as hindrance as a help, but this one time it just might work out for the best in the end. (Rated R)

mindabbles wrote
Traditions Past, Traditions Present for calembours
It is difficult being surrounded by idiots. (Rated PG-13)

minnow_53 wrote
Childish Things for magnetic_pole
Remus struggles with life after school, his relationship with Sirius, his first flat and a new job. (Rated: PG-13)

molsymo wrote
If Wishes Were Horses for carmine_ink
Remus thinks that he’s not going to make it eight more days like this. (Rated: Under 13)

passakiss wrote
heart and lungs (comme un grand trou qui se creuse remix) for l_stone
They are young and mostly untainted, oblivious to the rush of the earth below them, the approach of the beginning of an end. A remix of one of l_stone's fics.(Rated PG-13)

paulamcg wrote
In Lines of Charcoal for leafyaki
In December 1995 Remus rests in Sirius’s arms at the setting of the full moon. He draws new sketches, and trusts that there is still life waiting for the two of them. (Rated PG)

penhaligonblue wrote
Strangers on a Train for maraudersaffair
Muggles on a train, coming home from a joyless holiday. Non-magical AU (Rated PG-13)

Let the Tree do the Talking for sleeper6
"His family just doesn't do that sort of thing..." (Rated G)

sablier_bloque wrote
The Open Road for lorax
Sirius talks Remus’ mom into letting them borrow her car, and the boys take a road trip that leads to them finally facing what they have both secretly wanted. (Rated NC-17)

red_squared wrote
A 'simple' misunderstanding for mindabbles by
In hindsight, it should have come as no surprise that one of them lost everything, and the other one spent twelve years in prison. (Rated PG)

remuslives23 wrote
Anything, Always for aras_fixation
'There was a time you said you'd do anything for me, Sirius.' (Unrated)

For More Somber Affairs for lotrwariorgodss
Sirius's attempt to act like an appropriate Muggle for Lily after her mother's death (Rated PG-13)

a_shadow_there wrote
Heat for red_squared
Remus accosts Sirius in the bathroom as the two are headed out for a night at the pub. (Rated NC-17)

roterhimmel wrote
Can't Help Falling In Love for mysecretashes
Seven days is enough time to tell someone that you love them. Isn't it? (Rated R)

sambethe wrote
Conflicting Agendas for velvetmouse
Perhaps if you stopped wearing those jeans and started wearing robes like a normal wizard, I wouldn't be so easily distracted. (Rated R)

sambethe wrote
In the Company of Fools for lazy_neutrino
I’m pregnant, not blind, Black. (Rated G)

sambethe wrote
Unfinished Business for lls_mutant
Lily & Alice screw up, Remus & Sirius are idiots, and Sirius Black & Felix Gaeta form an unlikely friendship. (Rated PG)

silver_apples wrote
To Die Will Be an Awfully Big Adventure for tiger_flame
After the Battle of Hogwarts, Remus finds himself reunited with friends and family, exploring the afterlife. (Rated PG)

sleeper6 wrote
Fixing Remus for theatresweety
Sirius tries to convince Remus to become more than friends. (Rated PG)

solidbaby wrote
Hands and Skates for silver_apples
It should really be easy, but it just isn't. (Rated PG)

starla_kid wrote
A Winter Storm, or The Marks of Change for blackliquorice
He watched as the wind and the snow swirled about in the twilight beyond the glass. Remus thought that the storm expressed for him all the feelings that he was unable to. It was a comfort to him that the world knew how to show its torment, even if he did not. (Rated R)

such_heights wrote
a flame in two cupped hands for glass_icarus
Sirius didn't crouch down to tuck the coat under Remus's shoulders, didn't press a soft kiss to Remus's forehead the way he wanted. (Rated PG-13)

sugaredarsenic wrote
One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back for wook77
Set in Remus' and Sirius' 6th Year at Hogwarts. The boys deal - or don't deal - with their crushes. (Rated PG-13)

lorax wrote
Sounds of the Season for thescarletwoman
The twelve pranks of Christmas, and James has his hands full with pranks and matchmaking. (Rated PG-13)

taigne wrote
Cold mirror, Release me for dear_tiger
Remus is stuck; but if he can move away from his past, perhaps he can also move on. (Rated PG-13)

thescarletwoman wrote
Ghosts of Christmas Past for quartetship
Unwrapping the baubles, Sirius has a sudden insight into Remus's past. (Rated R)

tiger_flame wrote
The Man and the Wolf for beeinmybonnet
Sirius decides to keep Remus company before the Change an Padfoot and controls the Wolf during the full moon. (Rated G)

velvetmouse wrote
All's Fair for minnow_53
After Remus is killed in the Battle of Hogwarts, he doesn't quite get the reception one might expect. (Rated PG)

woldy wrote
Naughty Pictures for spacefragments
Harry finds a collection of pictures in Remus' trunk, but who is the anonymous man that Remus is consorting with? (Rated NC-17 (barely))

woldy wrote
Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards for rose71
Four winters in Remus' life, told backwards. (Rated: PG-13)

wook77 wrote
A Sirius Black Christmas for remuslives23
Sirius Black is a blockhead, but he did get a nice tree. (Rated PG-13)

New Traditions for sablier_bloque
Sirius doesn’t quite know how Christmas goes outside the House of Black. (Rated PG)

Please help us out by letting us know of any faulty links or omissions!


<3 Thank you for such a wonderful exchange!! :D
:D this is my favorite exchange. thank you for doing this!
Thank you all! I love this exchange.
I haven't been so overwhelmed with riches since the R/S Games! I cannot thank EVERYONE involved enough! The amount of talent, imagination and hard work that went into making this possible is overwhelming. You guys made this a wonderful Christmas for me (as I saw all gifts as mine) and because I've become overwhelmed and haven't read all yet, the gifts are following me right into 2009! Woo hoo! What a way to start my year!
This is my first time taking part in the exchange, though hopefully it won't be my last.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the pictures and looking at the art.

I would like to add my thanks to everyone who made this exchange run so smoothly and successfully.
Thank you for organizing this. You guys are truly amazing and it ran incredibly smoothly! This was my first time and I am DEFINITELY doing it again.
Always a great way to celebrate the holidays! :D

Thank you so much, mods and everyone who helped out!
Thanks to all the artists and writers and mods for this fest. You all rocked it. My holiday was on the nonexistent side of the spectrum this year and your posts made my holiday. Always leery towards participating in challenges for a variety of reasons but next year I'm totally in.
Thanks, you three - I have loads of catching up to do on this, but it was great to discover some new writers and know that old favourites are still writing. :)
Thanks for running the fest! It was so wonderful to watch/read, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to help out. :3 It was really fun. :D

EDIT: Woops, wrong icon! ^^;
What a big long list of things I need to catch up on. :D

Thanks so much for all your seamless hard work, Maggie, Kris and Min, it's been a delight as always!
fantastic! i really am so far behind on reading, so this masterlist is exactly what i need to catch up easily :D

thanks so much, lovely Mods, for running such a fun, low-stress exchange! this was my first time participating as a writer, and your hard work made it so pleasant! ♥
Thank you so much for running this! It's always my favourite exchange. :D

Now for some catching up... ;)
*smooches* It was my pleasure! I'm glad I could help out. Thanks for all of your hard work!
This was my first time participating and it was just fab - thanks so much for all your hard work, guys! ♥

Now, off to catch up on all those I missed...
I had such a blast this year, as usual! :D Thank you so much, mods, for running this low-stress (I think that's a huge part of it for me) fun exchange and putting in all the work! :) Also, thanks again to blackliquorice for my awesome fic! Can't wait until next year! :)
This was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it- thanks so much for all your hard work running this!

(BTW, the last art piece on the list was by me not stompe as listed.)
Sorry! It's fixed now. Glad you enjoyed!
Loved this exchange! Had a great first year giving and receiving, and look forward to next year. Thanks for keeping me so entertained!
I’d like to thank everyone for the admirable work. While I’m particularly grateful for the inspiring prompts and the chance to give and receive a personal gift, I hope that with the help of this list I’ll manage to restart reading and commenting – to fully take part. This exchange makes me feel I still truly belong to a community in the fandom.

any working link to last_radio's start of something fic? or any of her other fics?
I'm sorry. She must have deleted the entry when she deleted her journal.